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Loop Featured

We are excited to announce that the Fall Prevention Community of Practice has officially launched their new online communication platform, Loop.  Loop will allow members to:

  • Network. Find an expert, mentor or collaborator.
  • Crowdsource. Harness the knowledge of over 1700 members to find an answer to your fall prevention question quickly and efficiently.
  • Co-create resources. Work together online to develop and then share documents.
  • Work with your small group. Private groups keep your work and communications in one place.
  • Share. Let others know about your research, successes or challenges and upcoming events.

Visit www.fallsloop.com to sign up today!


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For more information about how to prevent falls please contact:

Community Care Access Centre

310-CCAC (2222)



To learn about falls prevention programs in your community please contact:

The Healthline


211 Ontario

Dial 2-1-1



Telehealth: 1-866-797-0000

For emergencies always dial 9-1-1