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Being physically active and eating well are easy ways to reduce the risk of falling. People who exercise regularly and eat healthy foods are stronger, have better balance, and sleep better. They are also less likely to fall. It’s never too late to start living healthy!

Adults over age 65 should engage in moderate- to vigorous-intensity endurance activities for 150 minutes each week. That may seem like a lot, but you can break this time up into spurts of 10 minutes or more to make it easier to fit in! Moderate-intensity activities make you breathe harder and include brisk walking and bicycling. Vigorous-intensity activities make you feel “out of breath” and include cross-country skiing and swimming. Don’t forget about strengthening (e.g., weight lifting and Exercises At The Kitchen Sink) and flexibility (e.g., yoga and Tai Chi) exercises! These need to be done 2 days per week.

When we eat healthy foods, we have healthier bodies and minds. Eating nutritious food and getting the right amounts of each food group is easier than you think! Canada’s Food Guide has special guidelines for adults over 50 years old which include taking a Vitamin D supplement to maintain healthy bones. You can check your eating habits with the Eat Right Ontario Nutri-eSCREEN.

Here’s how many servings Canada's Food Guide recommends:

Food Group

Serving Size



Vegetables and Fruit

125 mL of 100% juice, 250 mL of raw leafy vegetables, or 1 piece of fruit



Grain Products

1 slice of bread, 125 mL of cooked pasta, rice or couscous, or 30 g of cold cereal



Milk and Alternatives

250 mL of milk or fortified soy beverage, 175 g of yogurt, or 50 g of cheese



Meat and Alternatives

75 g of cooked fish, poultry or lean meat, 2 eggs, 175 mL of cooked beans, or 30 mL of peanut butter




What You Can Do – Seniors

  • Follow the physical activity and food guide suggestions above. Consult your health care provider before starting a new exercise routine or Vitamin D supplement.

  • Ask someone to be active with you – join a gym, take dancing lessons, or go for a walk! Here's a list of exercise and falls prevention programs in the South West region: http://www.southwesthealthline.ca/listServices.aspx?id=10986.

  • Improve your cooking and food skills with these tips and recipes from Eat Right Ontario. Call 1-877-510-510-2 to speak to a registered dietitian for free!

What You Can Do – Families and Friends

  • Be active and eat healthy – being a good role model and workout buddy is important!

  • Prepare healthy meals when you host your loved ones. Find yummy and easy recipes here.

  • Encourage your loved ones to be active by planning activities where you can get moving together.

What You Can Do – Professionals

  • Ask your clients about their nutrition and activity habits and provide them with copies of the Physical Activity Guidelines and Canada's Food Guide.

  • Prescribe a regular exercise routine and refer clients to physiotherapists or occupational therapists as needed.

  • Consult with the registered dietitians in your area about seniors’ nutritional needs and include them in your health care team.


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For more information about how to prevent falls please contact:

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