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Displays for medication checks and dizziness management

Handouts for Seniors

  • Finding Balance brochure
  • A Million Messages – Medications

Ideas for Display

  • Finding Balance photos and artwork
  • Examples of various medications, i.e. prescriptions, ibuprofen, cough syrup, herbal supplements and vitamins
  • Examples of sources of calcium (supplements – pills, chews, etc.) Food sources high in calcium milk, fortified beverages, almonds, dried figs, tofu.
  • Examples of sources of vitamin D.
  • Images with medications

Ideas for active participation

  • Run a Health Check Day - Simple checks on blood pressure, medications, vision, nutrition, hydration, and balance and gait can provide an excellent way of engaging with seniors on the topic of falls. Contact your local pharmacy to see if they can help host the event. Involve the various professionals in your community.
  • Have a pharmacist available to conduct medication reviews. You could discuss the use of medication passport with interested seniors.
  • Provide samples of flavoured tofu for seniors to try (many have not had an opportunity to try it).
  • “What do all of these have in common?” photos and quiz. You could provide these as a poster on your display, or print the question and text back to back. Leave the question and pictures face up. Participants can look at the page and try and guess what the common element is then turn over the page for the answer.
  • Organize a Medication Round Up of old or outdated medications at a local pharmacy.

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