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Fall Prevention Month 2016

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Fall Prevention Month 2015

Published in News

The first Fall Prevention Month took place throughout November 2015 with the goal of raising the profile of fall prevention in older adults. The Partners for Fall Prevention Month (an Ontario-focused group) created a toolkit to help other organizations promote November 2015 as Fall Prevention Month. Overall, Fall Prevention Month was a success with over 2,530 toolkit downloads and over 6,165 participants across Ontario and beyond taking part in Fall Prevention Month initiatives! The 2015 toolkit will remain posted until March 31st, 2016. Please take advantage of downloading these resources before we take down the toolkit, as we attempt to plan for Fall Prevention Month 2016. Stay tuned for more information regarding Fall Prevention Month 2016, including updates on the new toolkit! If you have any questions or would like to provide any feedback, please contact Lindsay Toth ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Thank you for taking part in Fall Prevention Month 2015!

Join us in November!

Falls are a serious issue for older adults. One in three older adults fall each year. Older Canadians are more likely to suffer an injury from falling than the rest of the population1. Canada spends $6.2 billion per year addressing fall-related injuries despite the fact that falls in older adults are predictable and preventable2. We are declaring November 2015 to be a month where we pool our collective efforts to prevent falls and injuries from falls in older adults. Let’s raise the profile of fall prevention and help everyone see their part in keeping our seniors healthy and active.


It takes a community to prevent a fall. We all have a role to play!



The Partners for Fall Prevention Month have created a toolkit to help other organizations promote November 2015 as Fall Prevention Month. Any organization can download and use this toolkit free of charge. You have permission to reproduce and distribute all the resources and to borrow our ideas for events and programming.


The toolkit contains:

  • Suggestions for impactful, one-time fall prevention activities and events to hold during November
  • Information on evidence-informed and evaluated fall prevention programs you can implement for long term results
  • Provincial (Ontario) and national falls statistics
  • Fall prevention resources you can print and distribute to clients
  • Tools and resources about fall prevention for practitioners
  • Promotional materials including the high resolution Fall Prevention Month logo, Facebook banner, media release and sample social media posts.


We would like to thank the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre for hosting the toolkit on their website.


Click here to view and download the toolkit!



1 Public Health Agency of Canada. Seniors’ Falls in Canada: Second Report. Ottawa: Public Health Agency of Canada; 2014.

2 SMARTRISK. The Economic Burden of Injury in Canada. Toronto: SMARTRISK; 2009


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For more information about how to prevent falls please contact:

Community Care Access Centre

310-CCAC (2222)



To learn about falls prevention programs in your community please contact:

The Healthline


211 Ontario

Dial 2-1-1



Telehealth: 1-866-797-0000

For emergencies always dial 9-1-1

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